The Institute has following well equipped workshops:
  • Electronics Workshops
  • Electrician Workshops
  • Information Technology Lab
  • Computer Hardware Networking Maintenance Lab(CHNM)
  • Computer Software Application Lab(CSA)
  • PLC Lab
  • Medical Electronics Lab which includes
  • Repair & Maintainance of Cardiology Lab Equipment
  • Repair & Maintainance of Clinical Lab Equipment
  • Repair & Maintainance of Imaging Lab equipment
  • Repair & Maintainance of Physiotherapy & EEG Lab equipment.
  • Hub Studio for Distance Learning Program
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Qualified B. Tech / M. Tech officers selected through UPSC and other highly professional staff capable of providing practical training especially in repair & maintenance of Electronics Instruments / Equipments. Guest faculties who are expert in the field are also associated in training programmes.

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This institute has library facility with sufficient technical books relevant to the courses being conducted in the institutefor short term and long term courses.

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Institute has a very decent hostel accommodation that is provided on sharing basis for short term and long term courses.

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Conference Hall

Institute has well furnished, Air-Conditioned Conference Hall where various seminars, meeting are held.

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