Advanced Vocational Training Scheme(AVTS)

NSTI Dehra Dun  conducts following courses for the technical participants sponsored by industries, govt. organizations in order to upgrade their skills and knowledge as per need to perform their job in systematic manner to enhance productivity. Private participants having requisite qualification may also apply. The qualification can be relaxed for those people who are working/studying in the same field.

Repair & Maintenance of Physiotherapy  Lab. Equipment:

In this course skill regarding operation, maintenance & repair of following equipments is imparted i.e, Short Wave Diathermy Machine, Ultrasonic therapy unit, Electrotherapy unit, Interferential therapy unit,

Introduction to PLC :

Overview of PLCs, PLC Architecture and Central Processing Unit, Introduction to PLC Hardware, I/O System, Introduction to Field Devices Number System and Codes, Relay Logic/Ladder Logic.

PLC Programming & Communication:

Overview of PLCs, PLC Architecture & CPU, IO System, Number System & Codes, Relay Logic Ladder Logic, Timers, Counters functions, Field Devices, Connection to PLC, Configuration Installation, Wiring & Maintenance of PLCs, Panel Designing & Interface of Process control Instruments, Programming Software's.

Repair & Maintenance of PC & its Peripherals:

Overview of PC Hardware & different parts of PC & identification FDD, HDD, CD ROM drive, BIOS Set Up Overview of Windows OS, System Maintenance tools & Antivirus Software’s.

Basic Electronics & its Application:

Electronics Components, Identification & Testing, Measuring Equipments like Multimeter, CRO, Analog ICS, Assembly of Power Supply & other application projects.

Introduction to Micro Controller 8051:

Introduction to 8051 micro controller, architecture, pin details, different variant of 8051 and their resources, register bank and their function, instruction set, addressing mode availability of assembly software.

MS Excel (Basic/Advance):

Over view of PC, overview of windows, working with files & folders in excel menu of spread sheets, entering data & various functions in MS Excel, editing worksheet, shorting & filtering in MS excel, formatting & printing of worksheet in MS Excel.

Internet Security:

Internet Security, securing on line transactions, securing emails communication, social engineering and identify theft, securing on social networking sites.


Able to identify different parameters and condition to become successful entrepreneurship, content definition, characteristics and factor affecting development of entrepreneurship, small business characteristics, characteristics and outline of small business.

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